Our product was awarded the silver medal at Concours Lépine, the Paris inventor's challenge in 2009.

Studied and used in restaurant for 4 years, the success of this discreet object and nevertheless so successful already has seduced the caterers and the restaurant who cannot do without it any more.

Go to discover this surprising product: the versatility and the adaptability will bring to your service so much care as efficiency.

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  • New arms pieces : discret clips and always good adherence for plates.

  • Premium-quality version for gourmet restaurants: gold or silver color options.
Completely flexible with your service, you juste have to remove an intermediate tier or to add one to create your own plate-supporter. Twist the tiers... it becomes a presentation tool !
In addition to the space ? study comes a work on weight distribution, wich give us a really/comfortable tool. Easy to use and design are the key-notions with the object.

With a simultaneous maintain of 4,6 or more plates without effort, it's a significant time that you win, by reducing service time or number of waiters.


With about 700g, carry equivalent of a water pack, without effort, without obstruction. It is possible to hold 2K. in all with the supporter, although we advice you to not to exceed 8 K. per waiter.

Now, you can eat hot at the same time as your neighbour : the temperature maintain and the service speed guarantees to you this advantage, for the most great pleasure og the guest.

Its experimentation and its improvements performed for 4 years make this object a hyper adapted tool for the restauration "on the ground". Evolution of materials, forms, assemblages, this support perfectly sticks to our restoration jobs.

To serve and... to clear
A small corner of the table is enough to put your plate-supporter. So clear your plates and take them into the supporter, avoid the unsteady pyramids which are heavy on your arm. In a few seconds, all is in the plate-supporter (2 plates per arm after regulating the roller), it is on him that plates are going to be heavy, not on your arm.

Options et personnalisation
The Thiercelin plate-supporter belongs to a product range specialized in restoration sector, according to its environment and its trends. Also, it is possible on your plate-supporter to get other color on the different pieces or to print your logo.

Our marketing positionning explains the pertinence of our quality/price ratio. So, the product begins to be famous for a private need: Only one door-plate is going to make you win in speed with complete peace of mind, for your events in family or between friends.

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